BC Transport Lawyer Adam Pappin

Seemingly predestined for a career related to transport, Adam Pappin was born in a car on the way to the hospital. He started driving (off road) at age seven and completed his first solo flight nine years later. Adam has been licensed to operate many forms of transport including: aircraft, cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and power boats.

Most of Adam’s jobs have been related to transport. For many years he was the senior maritime lawyer for the State of Queensland in Australia, responsible for legal issues in 12,000 km of coastal waters. He was also an officer with the US Department of Homeland Security assigned to aviation safety in Hawaii.

Among other things, Adam has been a commercial vehicle inspector, a flying instructor, a commercial pilot, a highways regulator and a marine shipping inspector. In Canada Adam was a Senior Injury Adjuster with the Insurance Corporation of BC (the province’s monopoly auto insurer) before moving over to the “other side” to provide legal representation to motor vehicle accident victims.

Adam has a high degree of empathy for those injured in transport accidents. The large scar on his forehead is a legacy of being hit by a car while riding a bike. Due to his background he now focuses his BC legal practice on representing victims of transport accidents and on resolving transport-related problems. Call him for a no-obligation, no-cost consultation to discuss any legal issue or problem related to any mode of transport.

Adam’s law firm Pappin Law also has expertise in:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Catastrophic Injury

Identity Law

International Law

Human Rights Law