Air Transport

Aviation law is a particularly broad and diverse field of legal practice that concerns the regulation and operation of aircraft, and countless related transactions. Because the operation of aircraft can involve crossing national boundaries, international law is often an integral part of air transport operations. And international treaties govern the carriage of goods and people across borders. Moreover, because some aircraft operate on waterways, maritime law can also be involved with air transport legal issues.

Types of aircraft include:

  • Commercial passenger plane
  • Commercial cargo plane
  • Business jet
  • Private plane
  • Floatplane
  • Glider
  • Ultralight
  • Hang glider
  • Helicopter
  • Hot-air balloon
  • Airship (dirigible)

The use of unmanned aircraft, or drones, has also increased exponentially. Complicating factors abound with air transport disputes. Adam Pappin was legal counsel on a particularly complex wrongful death suit involving a helicopter contracted to a harbor pilotage service that crashed on a foreign flagged container ship.

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