Land Transport

The vast majority of legal issues relating to land transport involve accidents caused by driver negligence (inattention, poor judgment, intoxication, speeding). Many are also caused by environmental conditions (black ice, flooding, potholes, road debris), or due to poor vehicle maintenance (ineffective brakes, defective steering, faulty mechanical repairs, tire failure).

Other common legal issues involve warranty disputes, shoddy workmanship by repairers, misrepresentation by sellers and payment default by purchasers. “Land transport” is a term that covers not just motorized vehicles, but virtually anything that is used to transport people or goods on land. It includes the following:

Two Wheels Four Wheels Multi-Wheels No Wheels
Motorcycle Car Tractor-Trailer Snowmobile
Dirt Bike Van Grader Snowmachine
Moped Truck Passenger Train Dozer
Bicycle Bus Freight Train Hovercraft
Segway Motorhome Skytrain  
Hoverboard Scooter    
  Golf Cart    
  Ride-on mower    

The type of disputes involving transport, and even the type of transport itself can seem limitless. Among other unusual transport disputes that Adam has resolved, he represented a BC horse owner in court for a damage to property case.

If you have a legal issue involving any form of land transport, call Pappin Law for a no-cost consultation.